Placement Guidelines

N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research

Final Placement Guidelines for PGDBM/MMS Student 2014-16 Batch

The Placement Cell of N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research (NLDIMSR), Mumbai facilitates the process of final placements by creating an interface between the recruiters and the students of MBA programs (MMS/PGDBM) in Finance, Marketing and HR.

Students must honor the commitment made by NLDIMSR on their behalf. In the event of non-conformance to the placement rules and procedures, NLDIMSR reserves the right to debar from further placement process.

General Guidelines

1. NLDIMSR follows a ‘1 student 1 offer’ policy. Each student is entitled to only one offer.

2. Applications are invited based on the eligibility criteria as specified by the company.

3. NLDIMSR Placement cell will share the details of the job as specified by the company. Students are advised to go through the same carefully before applying.

4. Students are not allowed to withdraw nomination or remain absent once applied. In case of absence due to any reasons, he will be SUSPENDED to appear from next immediate process wherein the student has submitted his nomination. The verdict of the placement committee will be final and binding.

5. Before commencement of the campus process for a particular company the students are advised to read about the company website, business processes, and other relevant information about the company & job description.

6. Once a student participates in a campus process, he/she cannot willfully underperform during the selection process. If any such incidence is reported by the interviewing company the concerned students shall be debarred from the campus placement process.

7. Students are not allowed to negotiate the CTC during the interview process unless formally pre-approved by Placement Dept. in case of specific companies.

8. After selection by a company, students who have agreed for a PAN India job posting cannot reject or withdraw.

9. Companies would be encouraged to give spot offers. Once a student is offered a job he/she would be out of the placement process and will not be eligible to take up any subsequent job offers.

10. If a student gets multiple job offers ‘simultaneously’, he or she will have to choose one offer and reject others on the spot.

11. Students are expected to be accessible on call and should adjust and respond to emergent situations successfully.

12. Once the student joins the company, he/she should adhere to all the clauses mentioned in the Offer & Appointment Letter.

Opting out of Placements

• In case a student wishes to opt out from the final placement process; he must submit a letter to the placement office giving the reason thereof and must officially sign out of the placement process ideally before the commencement of the Placement Season.
Pre Placement Offers (PPOs)

As a policy NLDIMSR encourages candidates to work towards PPO’s in order to strengthen the executive placements.
• Pre Placement Offers made by the companies are routed through the Placement office.
• Students getting PPO offer directly from the companies are required to convey the same to the Placement office vide either a formal letter or a mail to Student found to be deliberately withholding such PPO offer, will be subject to disciplinary action.
• The student has to decide on acceptance within the time frame stipulated by the Placement Office or by the company. A formal letter of acceptance should be given to the Placement Office. In case a student fails to inform the Placement office before the stipulated date he would be considered to have accepted the PPO.
• If the candidate accepts the offer made he/she has to sign out of the placement process and will not be eligible to apply during final placements.
• In case of rejection of the PPO the student needs to inform Placement cell with valid reasoning. No other future applications will be considered for campus processes, which will be in contradiction with the reasoning provided basis company profile, job profile or CTC.
• Student will be allowed to participate in final placements but at no point of time will be allowed to go back to the PPO.
• The final decision regarding PPO shall rest with the Placement office.

Note – These are guidelines and will evolve over time and any changes will be communicated by the concerned authorities.