• Prof. Seema Saini
    Prof. Seema Saini
    MS – HRD (USA), PMP (USA), MA (Eco)

    CEO – N. L. Dalmia Educational Society

  • Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury
    Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury
    PhD(Eco), PhD(Psy), CME Online Program certifications from Harvard & Yale University in Behavioural Health

    Director, N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management & Research. 
    Professor – Marketing and Strategy, Leadership, New Age Technologies


  • Dr. Dinesh Hegde
    Dr. Dinesh Hegde
    Ph.D, MA (Econometrics & Mathematical Economics)

    Professor Emeritus & Chair Professor (NLDIMSR)
    Research Methods, Econometrics, Business Policy

  • Prof. R Subramanian
    Prof. R Subramanian
    PGDM (IIM- A), B.Tech (IIT- M)

    Chairperson – Placements
    HOD – Marketing
    Marketing Management & B2B Marketing

  • Dr. Anil Gor
    Dr. Anil Gor
    Ph.D. (Mergers & Acquisition), LL.M, MFM, M.Com, FCS, CAIIB

    Chairperson Placements 
    HOD – Finance

    Mergers & Acquisition,
    Taxation & Corporate Governance

  • Dr. Indrajit Goswami
    Dr. Indrajit Goswami
    Ph.D, PGDHRM, MSW (HR)

    Associate Dean – Research
    HOD – Human Resources 
    Human Resource Management, Organisation Structure Theory & Development, Organizational Development & Change

  • Dr. Mangesh Kasbekar
    Dr. Mangesh Kasbekar
    Ph.D., MMS, B.E.

    Associate Dean – Part Time MBA Program
    Faculty – Marketing
    Marketing Research & Analysis, Business Communication, Business Research Methods, Sales Management

  • Prof. Anupam Sinha
    Prof. Anupam Sinha
    M.Tech (IIT - Kharagpur)

    Faculty – General Management
    Operations Management, Productivity Techniques, EMS

  • Prof. Pius Moras
    Prof. Pius Moras
    MA (Social Welfare Administration - TISS), BA (Psychology - Gold Medalist - MU)

    Faculty – General Management
    Perspective Management, Business Ethics, Effective Communication, CSR

  • Prof. Ulhas Deshpande
    Prof. Ulhas Deshpande
    LLB, MLS, B.Sc.

    Faculty – HR
    (Pursuing Ph.D.) Labour Laws & HRM

  • Prof. Jyoti Nair
    Prof. Jyoti Nair
    FCA, M.Com, B.Com (Pursuing Ph.D.)

    Faculty – Finance
    Advanced Financial Statement Analysis, Advanced Financial Management, Direct & Indirect Taxation, Financial Accounting, Corporate Valuation

  • Prof. Rashmi Jain
    Prof. Rashmi Jain
    MMS (Marketing), BE (Computer) (Pursuing Ph.D.)

    Faculty – Marketing
    Digital Marketing, Product & Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing, Retail Management, Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Prof. Chetana Asbe
    Prof. Chetana Asbe
    CFA (ICFAI), MFM, NET, M.Com, B.Com (Pursuing Ph.D.)

    Faculty – Finance
    Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Strategic Cost Management

  • Prof. Sasmita Singh
    Prof. Sasmita Singh
    MMS, B.Com, (Pursuing Ph.D.)

    Faculty – Finance
    Financial & Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Business Law, MCS

  • Prof. Krupa Desai
    Prof. Krupa Desai
    CFA (ICFAI), MSc (Finance), FRM, (Pursuing Ph.D.)

    Faculty – Finance
    FRM, Securities Analysis & Portfolio Management

  • Dr. Deepali Mishra
    Dr. Deepali Mishra
    Ph.D IIT Delhi, NET / JRF - International Business & Area Studies

    Faculty – Finance
    Managerial Economics

  • Ms. Sujata D’Souza
    Ms. Sujata D’Souza
    B.A. (Eco), B.Lib.Sc., M.L.I.S.


  • Dr. M.R Koshti
    Dr. M.R Koshti
    Ph.D, B.E, MBA (IIM Ahmedabad)

    Faculty – Marketing
    Strategic Management, Customer Relationship Management, Principles of Management

  • Prof. Caral D’cunha
    Prof. Caral D’cunha
    MBA, MA (Psychology), Diploma in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare, NET, (Pursuing Ph.D.)

    Faculty – HR
    Organization Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Performance Management Systems

  • Dr. Nilesh Kulkarni
    Dr. Nilesh Kulkarni
    Ph.D, MMM & PGDBM (Marketing), B.E. (Electronics)

    Faculty – Marketing
    Consumer Behaviour, International Business, International Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Dr. Amit Shrivastava
    Dr. Amit Shrivastava
    Ph.D., PGDBM (Mktg), B.Sc. (Maths)

    Faculty –  Marketing 
    International Business

  • Prof. Masuma Cyclewala
    Prof. Masuma Cyclewala
    LLM (Criminal Law & Criminal Administration) LLM (Business Law)

    Faculty – Business Law
    Member of the AAWI & City Civil Bar Association

  • Prof. Ekta Thakar
    Prof. Ekta Thakar
    CFP, MCom, AMFI

    Faculty – Finance
    Behavioral Finance, Wealth Management

  • Dr. Narayan Hariharan
    Dr. Narayan Hariharan
    Ph.D, M.A. (Personal Management) M.A.(Buddhist Studies) Hon. Professor - Human Resources

    Hon. Professor – Human Resources

  • Prof. Khushboo Vora
    Prof. Khushboo Vora
    NET, SET, PGDBM (Finance), M.Com (Management), PET

    Faculty – Finance
    Financial Management, Financial Markets & Institutions

  • Prof. Narayan Murthy
    Prof. Narayan Murthy
    MBA (International Business), M.Com (Banking & Insurance), M.A. (Business Economics), CAIIB

    Faculty – Finance
    Treasury and Risk Management

  • Dr. Vijeta Chaudhary
    Dr. Vijeta Chaudhary
    Ph.D, M.Phil, MA (Economics), Diploma in Statistical Techniques and Application

    Research Associate
    Economics, Statistics using SPSS