• Dr. Kanti Mohan
    Dr. Kanti Mohan
    Ph.D., MBA

    Assistant Dean Research and International Linkages
    Assistant Professor – Human Resources
    Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management, Compensation, Organization Theory

  • Prof. Ulhas Deshpande
    Prof. Ulhas Deshpande
    LLB, MLS, B.Sc.

    Faculty – HR
    (Pursuing Ph.D.) Labour Laws & HRM

  • Prof. Caral D’Cunha
    Prof. Caral D’Cunha
    MBA, MA (Psychology), Diploma in Labour Laws and Labor Welfare, NET, pursuing Ph.D.

    Faculty – HR

    Organization Behavior, Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Performance Management Systems

  • Prof. Bhaskar Joshi
    Prof. Bhaskar Joshi
    PG Diploma in Organizational Behavior, Labor Laws, Industrial Psychology & Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Business Management & TQM

    Faculty – HR

  • Prof. (Dr). Narayan Hariharan
    Prof. (Dr). Narayan Hariharan
    Ph.D, M.A. (Personal Management) M.A.(Buddhist Studies) Hon. Professor - Human Resources

    Hon. Professor – Human Resources

    Director – Qimpro